Zombs is a little test of PlayMaker from Hutong Games. If it ever becomes more than that, I will update this to stop sounding like a sales pitch. ;Þ

I’m attempting to actively see what PlayMaker can do for truly rapid Unity development. Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to have a thought out object state engine.

As of now, you can (as a slight resemblance to Andy) fire lasers (with a stunningly true-to-life sound effect from my wife, K), throw rocks, and kill zombs (that interestingly and completely coincidentally enough look an awful lot like iPhones).

Movement is currently in pretty bad shape, as I just converted my movement controller into FSM management, and now that aiming is screen-based instead of more shooter-esque (locked to the X/Y-axis) I’m having trouble deciding exactly how I want it to feel. As such, for the moment, you’re steering.

[WASD/Arrows] 3D steer movement (temporarily)
[RMB] horrible mouse-look behavior applied to player
[LMB] fire laser/throw rock
[1] select laser gun (pew-pew)
[2] select rock to throw
[G] invert gravity; now includes the player! (makes for fun when throwing rocks)

Again, this is not a game yet (nor am I sure it will ever be). This is simply a challenge and learning experience at the moment. Anyhow, enjoy!

Click here for Zombs!