I wroted Junkboy a cakes…

Almost immediately after my cake to Notch was squandered, I learn of a Junkboy birthday that is occurring. I told him that I would have wroted him a cakes too, but that I assumed once again, it would be ignored. He actually responded that “[he] always notices when people wroteter [him] cake.”

So as soon as I got home I started scrambling for ideas. Man, you guys should have heard some of the stuff K came up with… let’s just say, it was right up Junkboy’s alley with lots of explosions, and very little pants.

Then I get this Escapist article drop into my lap about Sweden’s McDonald’s cashing in on the general gaming theme of Sweden (thanks, Mojang!) by creating a large game of pong for passersby to make fools of themselves with.

Hoping that Junkboy in all his comedic pantslessness would have at least given this a smirk, I thought it was a perfect jumping off point.

Anyway, more of the joke becomes apparent if you watch the video in the article. Junkboy even wins a prize if he beats himself for 30 seconds. Awesome, how fun that is to say, yeah?

Josh Whelchel threw me the audio for the cake. It’s awesome, yeah? He’s a very talented guy. He’s actually currently working on the music for the next Mojang game, Scrolls.

Check out Junkboy’s Cake! (http://bit.ly/hbdjunkboy)