My Minecraft Texture Pack…

I’ve had this for a while, but apparently forgot to post until now. ;Þ

If you play Minecraft, give my texture pack a whirl. The people who’ve been using it for a while seem to like it, so who knows!

You can see its post on the official Minecraft forums here:

And you can download it from this link here: http://bit.ly/nekoyoubitp

Let me know what you think if you get a chance.

I don’t work on this that often (as I don’t have as much time as I’d like with work and my game development, but I do try to keep it updated with the patches. As of right now (1.5_01) it is up-to-date.

Oh, I almost forgot… here are a couple of preview screenshots:

Nekoyoubi's Texture Pack

McMyAdmin “ping” issue…

So you’ve got McMyAdmin running a CraftBukkit server and you use the Essentials plugin and all of the sudden, once per minute, you start getting these crazy ping messages:

[31mError: Only in-game players can use ping.

While otherwise annoying (for log/chat review purposes), they don’t really cause any damage.

This happens because McMyAdmin has its own set of commands that it likes to use with the server; things that are not there by default, but that McMyAdmin adds for you. One of the things that it adds is a /ping command. The problem is that Essentials adds one too, and its /ping is more picky than the one added by McMyAdmin.

Resolution? Simple.

  1. Stop your server (through McMyAdmin).
  2. Open up the Essentials.jar in an archive viewer (like 7-Zip).
  3. Open the plugin.yml file for editing (press F4 in 7-Zip).
  4. Somewhere around line 94 you’ll see this:
       description: Pong!
       usage: /
       alias: pong

    Destroy it! Just chop those lines right out of the file.

  5. Save the file and commit it back to the .jar.
  6. Upload it back to your server.
  7. Start your server.
  8. Enjoy the silence.