Weekend update…

This weekend was pretty lame, really. Aside from surviving yet another end of the world, I played a little Worms Reloaded and Terraria, and got started on my “inspired by” Terraria texture pack for Minecraft. I also worked a bit on my new site design, but I didn’t really get anywhere with it, so it’s not worth mentioning.


This was officially my last weekend of slacking for a bit. I promise. I didn’t even really do anything cool.


I played a bit more Terraria, but nothing eventful. I did farm up a lava lake worth 1100+ obsidian if anyone wants any. 😉 I have screenshots too that I was hoping to post (of the farming process), but I forgot to push them up to the site.

Worms Reloaded

Fun, yes, but zomfg… have you ever seen a game with a more complicated control system for gamers?! Me and K played this for about an hour until she just finally got tired of the controls being a tougher opponent than I was. I played solo for about another hour, but after completely remapping the input to suit a WASD-gamer, it was still a pretty sad layout.

Minecraft texture pack for Terraria

I started working on this as I said on Friday that I would, and while I wish I had some awesome shots to show, it’s just not the case.

I did see (after I committed and started the project) that someone had started on one a few days prior. I would have simply left it to them at that point, but the start that I already have is worth continuing, IMO.

Since the guy/gal that started the other pack chose the name “Terrariacraft”, I’ve decided to call this one “Skeletron” since his/hers was started prior to mine, and that is only fair. 😉

To be honest, going through this and trying to show off the Terraria in cubes really does show you how different the two games really are.

Okay, I’ll do it!

I’ve gotten so many hits from Google lately from searches like “minecraft terraria texture pack” since I wrote my Terraria review and Nekoyoubi Texture Pack update and my front page aggregated them together.

Amazingly enough though, while there’s a request out there on the Minecraft forum (I’m at work, so I didn’t read the post), I’m not seeing Google point to anyone’s pack.

Fine. Whatever. I’ll do it. 😉

When I get home tonight, I will start working on a Terraria texture pack for Minecraft. I should be able to post “something” tonight, but it may not be complete (reads: “I may not be done adding stuff to it”) for some time, but I can get us a start going.

While I <3 my own texture pack, I do think it would be kind of cool to pull Terraria into Minecraft. Sorry all you “Terraria-is-just-a-Minecraft-ripoff”-kids, I know it must be rough for you to know that people actually like both games. /shockedpanda

Also, sorry if you want HD, but I don’t play that. It’ll be a 16² texture pack, as I don’t like broken water/lava.

Weekend update…

This weekend was somewhat divided. I actually played a bit, and I worked on Fizzle. ;Þ

Nekoyoubi Texture Pack

The gang got together and played some Minecraft on our server a bit this weekend, which is really only development related because it pushed me to update my texture pack. Yeah… it had been a bit, and a few things since 1.5 hadn’t been implemented so I needed to get to it. Here are a few of the changes I recently made to the pack:

  • Diamond tools and sword, armor, and item (raw) now match the spectral style of the ore and block. No more teal diamonds.
  • Iron door item now matches the rusted gate appropriately.
  • The loading background is now wood planks (by request).
  • Obsidian (finally) has been smoothed and yet made more jagged at the same time. Looks a bit more glassy, IMO.
  • Glowstone (that’s right, a nether block!) has been massively altered. It’s now an obsidian block with a light (think recessed lighting).
  • Beds in inventory are now purple-sheeted properly.
  • Signs and ladders now reflect the “richer” wood of the rest of the pack.
  • Terracotta clay is now also terracotta in the inventory as well.
  • Fixed the broken redstone dust.

You can check out the post about it here: http://nekoyoubi.com/2011/05/08/my-minecraft-texture-pack/

You can download the Nekoyoubi texture pack here: http://bit.ly/nekoyoubitp


I worked a bit more with the RageSpline resources in Fizzle this weekend. Specifically, I drew some of the spell icons (fireball, iceblock, levitate, heal, and vines). I would show a screenshot here, I think it may be too soon for that, as they may be better to show off once they are mechanically written into the game.

I also converted Fizzle back to a side-scroll platformer (from a third-person platformer) for mechanical reasons. To be completely honest, I just think it will play more fun this way.

I am working on a training level at the moment, but as soon as I have it playing through in its solid mechanical form, I will screenshot and create the “official” page for it.


No… Not Legos; Logos! I’ve been trying my damnedest to create the logo that I actually see in my head – which amazingly has remained the same for many months now, but having no artistic skill (drawing, that is) is making it impossible for me to bring it out of my dome and immortalize it in pixel.

So now I look for the in between. ;(

If I can’t create my ideal logo very soon, I’ll need something to hold me over. What should it be? I’m not asking because I think anyone’s really reading this and cares. I’m asking because maybe it will keep nagging at me until something springs out at me.

If you do care though and want to throw an idea (or design if you’re really bored), please feel free. I would love to hear some IMOs, as I could really use a nudge on this one! 😉