Weekend update…

I’m sorry it’s Thursday before I get to write my weekend update, but alas, so much going on has put a damper on my blogging abilities.


I wroted Notch a cakes over the weekend. Okay, so I’m not going to explain that reference again, but I will say that it’s in more detail here.

I spent this past weekend writing a birthday card the coolest way I know how – as a video game. Notch turned 2^5 yesterday, and in thanks to his work on Minecraft and what it’s meant for me personally, I put together a little Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 replica for him where he (a block textured as his Twitter avatar, anyway) gets to run around on Minecraft dirt and grass and pop diamonds out of chests and listen to me ramble on about how awesome he is (but how DannyB‘s cooler).


Meh. I had to go into the office and do some coding on serious koi. No fun, but since it did rend most of a day out of my weekend, I figure it’s worth mentioning.

Texture Packs

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to upgrade the Nekoyoubi Texture Pack to 1.6 this weekend due to all of the updates and issues and more updates to our server. I will be getting this updated tonight.

I was, as well, unable to work on Skeletron (the Minecraft Terraria texture pack) for mostly the same reason. I’m hoping to have something for it posted this weekend though.

Happy Birthday, DannyB!

Okay, so last night I was going to stream a bit and work on Nukins or 292 with the new state machine… Well, I did stream a bit… So it was DannyB‘s birthday, right… Yeah, so I got a little distracted and used the time to “wroted him a cakes”.

So I spent the evening crafting out a primitives-only German chocolate cake, complete with bumped specular icing! Thanks to the fancy-pants specular icing, you can barely see the multicolor-disco-spotlights dancing overhead. 😉

Atop the cake is a single candle that even has the spirally wax texture and randomly generates what pastel color it is each time it loads. The candle’s flame will also take a breeze from holding down the LMB. I was going to make it to where he could blow them out, but it got too late on me.

And for the real icing on the cake… myself and a couple of awesome FtH guys (and my wife – slightly – in the background) sang DannyB a “happy birthday” he’ll hopefully never have to endure again. It plays on launch, and there’s no way to replay it (reload the page) currently, but I may map a key to it or something when I put together the Windows build (for archiving).

You can scope out the HBDDB! birthday cake through the web player here: http://bit.ly/hBdDB

Hope you enjoyed it, DannyB – I know I enjoyed making it!