Weekend update…

This weekend was drastically less productive than I expected. I’ve been somewhat under the weather since last week (probably due to living in the Ohio Valley), so I hit the sack directly after work on Friday. Saturday was going to be the real deal, but then one of my audio heroes (Joshua Morse) followed me on Twitter, friended me on Failbook, spent the day in our vent, and started playing Minecraft on our server… Needless to say, I got nothing done. Sunday was the last option; the last, best hope for productivity… Minecraft server issues/changes. I did get some stuff done, though.

Minecraft Server

Well, thanks to a startling notice by WorldEdit’s sk89q about servers burning and world’s crashing, I decided we should remove Essentials. It was something I had thought of doing for some time, but it covered so many facets of plugin that are otherwise forked (or recreated entirely) from projects that are inactive. I would rather use many small modular pieces as opposed to one (giant) plugin to rule them all. I mean, Essentials really is the AOL of Bukkit plugins.

So I haven’t completely gotten everything going again, but mostly, things are settled. Hopefully, permissions aren’t broken. I’m mods will let me know soon enough. ;Þ

Minecraft Texture Packs

I got to work on one tile of Skeletron (the Terraria pack) before getting pulled into something else this weekend (see above).

I did manage to get some changes done on the Nekoyoubi pack though (last week… that were undocumented… so I get to pretend like they were done over the weekend):

  • Lightened signs a bit; now more readable again, but still richer/smoother.
  • Added and slightly modified trap doors; mostly just to make wood match.
  • Re-styled netherrack to cooling lava. May be temporary based on feedback.
  • Changed glowstone item to light bulbs to match recessed-lighting look of blocks.
  • Added a more burnt tone of the map item. Why? Because I like it better that way.


I worked on level generation a bit, but again, not too much productivity here.

My work in this area did spark what seems to me like it might be a perfect interjection in another project that previously had a gap that I didn’t feel comfortable continuing on in its lacking state. Man, I love it when things accidentally come together like that!

So as much as I would love for Fizzle to be my first “official” game release as I had previously intended, it will probably be developed side-by-side with the other project, and we’ll just see who comes in first.

Weekend update…

I’m sorry it’s Thursday before I get to write my weekend update, but alas, so much going on has put a damper on my blogging abilities.


I wroted Notch a cakes over the weekend. Okay, so I’m not going to explain that reference again, but I will say that it’s in more detail here.

I spent this past weekend writing a birthday card the coolest way I know how – as a video game. Notch turned 2^5 yesterday, and in thanks to his work on Minecraft and what it’s meant for me personally, I put together a little Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 replica for him where he (a block textured as his Twitter avatar, anyway) gets to run around on Minecraft dirt and grass and pop diamonds out of chests and listen to me ramble on about how awesome he is (but how DannyB‘s cooler).


Meh. I had to go into the office and do some coding on serious koi. No fun, but since it did rend most of a day out of my weekend, I figure it’s worth mentioning.

Texture Packs

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to upgrade the Nekoyoubi Texture Pack to 1.6 this weekend due to all of the updates and issues and more updates to our server. I will be getting this updated tonight.

I was, as well, unable to work on Skeletron (the Minecraft Terraria texture pack) for mostly the same reason. I’m hoping to have something for it posted this weekend though.

Weekend update…

This weekend was pretty lame, really. Aside from surviving yet another end of the world, I played a little Worms Reloaded and Terraria, and got started on my “inspired by” Terraria texture pack for Minecraft. I also worked a bit on my new site design, but I didn’t really get anywhere with it, so it’s not worth mentioning.


This was officially my last weekend of slacking for a bit. I promise. I didn’t even really do anything cool.


I played a bit more Terraria, but nothing eventful. I did farm up a lava lake worth 1100+ obsidian if anyone wants any. 😉 I have screenshots too that I was hoping to post (of the farming process), but I forgot to push them up to the site.

Worms Reloaded

Fun, yes, but zomfg… have you ever seen a game with a more complicated control system for gamers?! Me and K played this for about an hour until she just finally got tired of the controls being a tougher opponent than I was. I played solo for about another hour, but after completely remapping the input to suit a WASD-gamer, it was still a pretty sad layout.

Minecraft texture pack for Terraria

I started working on this as I said on Friday that I would, and while I wish I had some awesome shots to show, it’s just not the case.

I did see (after I committed and started the project) that someone had started on one a few days prior. I would have simply left it to them at that point, but the start that I already have is worth continuing, IMO.

Since the guy/gal that started the other pack chose the name “Terrariacraft”, I’ve decided to call this one “Skeletron” since his/hers was started prior to mine, and that is only fair. 😉

To be honest, going through this and trying to show off the Terraria in cubes really does show you how different the two games really are.