Happy Birthday, DannyB!

Okay, so last night I was going to stream a bit and work on Nukins or 292 with the new state machine… Well, I did stream a bit… So it was DannyB‘s birthday, right… Yeah, so I got a little distracted and used the time to “wroted him a cakes”.

So I spent the evening crafting out a primitives-only German chocolate cake, complete with bumped specular icing! Thanks to the fancy-pants specular icing, you can barely see the multicolor-disco-spotlights dancing overhead. 😉

Atop the cake is a single candle that even has the spirally wax texture and randomly generates what pastel color it is each time it loads. The candle’s flame will also take a breeze from holding down the LMB. I was going to make it to where he could blow them out, but it got too late on me.

And for the real icing on the cake… myself and a couple of awesome FtH guys (and my wife – slightly – in the background) sang DannyB a “happy birthday” he’ll hopefully never have to endure again. It plays on launch, and there’s no way to replay it (reload the page) currently, but I may map a key to it or something when I put together the Windows build (for archiving).

You can scope out the HBDDB! birthday cake through the web player here:

Hope you enjoyed it, DannyB – I know I enjoyed making it!

New FSM!

Playmaker from Hutong Games; I just licensed my copy yesterday. I’m like a kid in a candy store over here! I’m at work now, but as soon as I’m home, it’s on.

I was just playing around with it with the little bit of time that I had yesterday, but I’ll try to be a bit more serious tonight. All I had time for last night was skimming through some samples, watching some videos, looking over some documentation, and playing around with a scene in Nukins. All in all, not much time.

Tonight will probably be Playmaker vs. Nukins, as Nukins is still fresh and has no resources or code backing it. I figure this will give me a good opportunity to see about developing the entire game with the same FSM, and a visual FSM to boot! I will probably be streaming ( some or all of my fumbling through Playmaker today, if anyone wants to see this thing in action.

I think I’m going to redo some of 292 with Playmaker as well, as while 292’s not got a real “goal”, it at least needs a state machine so I don’t have to manually write state controllers for menus and the like. 😉