Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody!

I took a few hours and wrote a little something for my kiddos for Easter and I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world as well.

So if you have an extra minute and want to see some funky eggs get tossed into a few baskets with a creepy chocolate bunny staring you down mockingly, check out my Easter 2011 egg toss.

Easter 2011’s Egg Toss has…

  • a score system in place, but not visible at the moment (working on it)
  • no end (as eggs will continue to spawn forever muhahahaha!)
  • 26 different eggs to chuck (and growing; more added by the hour)

Game-play is simple: when the egg pops up in front of you, [LMB] (click) to send it flying; [Space] gives you a new egg if you miss (or if you just want to see them).


Click here for Easter 2011!