Long time; no post…

Wow. It’s been a bit. Sorry for the delay, guys and gals. I’d like to take a moment and provide an update to the goings on.

Passhackwords vs. eXPra/Blessings/et al.

I was working on Passhackwords pretty steadily until a few things changed in my free time. At that point, I began working on Bukkit plugins for Minecraft with most of the time I wasn’t spending administering our gaming group’s Minecraft server.

Why I didn’t keep this updated with those items, I can’t begin to tell you. They were development, but I didn’t see them being as relevant as other things so I just posted them to the Bukkit site and called it good. I doubt these even still work, as I haven’t kept them up to date, but just so you know what I’m talking about, here are a couple of the project I’m referring to.

So, essentially, with those projects and our Minecraft server becoming much more lively, I halted development of Passhackwords… but that was still a long time ago. We will more than likely resume Passhackwords work in 2013.


For a while, it was just me. Me and my projects. Nothing really special; just some guy writing some code and putting out the occasional idea or toy. No more.

Just so everyone knows, Nekoyoubi Games has finally picked up its second employee! Amazingly enough, long before there are even paychecks… go figure.

Clayton Hunt has joined me as a co-developer on two projects thus far, and I’m guessing many more to come.

He came in to start working on the Epixtory project, and we’ve made some awesome progress on that front (it really is going to be a kick ass game).

We’re now working on our B&B game (that I’ll write more on later), and we’re knocking it out of the park. I don’t want to be too official in this statement, but we should be submitting it over to Steam within the month thanks to his help.

Having Clayton around has been a serious help and a huge leap forward for Nekoyoubi being a profitable game development shop.


We’ve changed the direction of Epixtory slightly from my initial post regarding it. Epixtory is currently too much to fill you in on in one of these posts, so I’ll be sure it gets its own. For now I’ll just say that its development is slightly halted to finish and release B&B, but we’re still looking at releasing it this year.

Basements & Boardgames

B&B is getting its own page, but I’ll post a brief overview here. Essentially, B&B is a roguelike (rogueliek*) fashioned after a comedic approach to tabletop gaming (D&D). Players take on the role of a miniature adventurer against a configured board of walls, traps, monsters, secret passages, and treasure.

As mentioned above, we’re expecting to submit the game (crap, I just lost) to Steam this month. We will also, hopefully be getting some pre-Steam testers to help us make sure it’s good. Let us know if you’re interested.

Weekend update…

Wow, what a weekend for development. I released my first game as Nekoyoubi and my first Android app to boot!

Reed’s Mine

I finished up the initial release of Reed’s Mine and deployed it to the Android Market. It was listed for approximately eight hours before I realized a bug with ladders and caves that could confuse and frustrate people and pulled it.

I’ve since re-released it (v0.2) after fixing the bug and making a few enhancements. It is currently built for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above, but I will be attempting to let it ride for Android 2.1 (Eclair) this weekend.

Even though I am not using any Froyo specific features, I chose to limit to that version in an attempt to only offer the app to newer (faster) phones in case the Unity Android build was rough. I think things will be fine after some texture optimization this upcoming weekend though.

Apologies for the Unity icon for the app icon on the phone. This is a noted bug that is being resolved by Unity. I think I know a work-around, but I’ve been focusing on the actual game itself more than its publishing thus far.

This upcoming weekend should have some cool changes implemented in Reed’s Mine. For one, I plan to add random dwarves in the mine levels’ generation. They will let you trade some of your resources mined for various items to assist in mining (no spoilers, sorry). Also, I will try to work achievements into the next release, but that may have to come in the next version.

I will attempt to create a build of Reed’s Mine for those of you without Androids as well (probably a web build), but I’m not giving it priority over the features of the real game. Don’t be mad, I just have to make sure I give the people what I sell them. 😉

Click here to check out Reed’s Mine on the Android Market.

Obviously, if you get Reed’s Mine please leave a rating and/or comment, as this is what I hope will get the word out there about it. Also, if you enjoy it, please tell your friends. Thanks much in advance!

Oh, and since I released it, I found that there is actually a real Reed’s Mine! How cool is that?! I promise you that this game has nothing to do with that mine and is, in fact, named after one of our members for his extensive Minecraft mining expeditions.

Check out what another of our members (Blake) made right after the release (and how cool is that?!)…

Weekend update…

Wow, is this guy overdue. Well, since I was ill Sunday through to Tuesday, this is the first opportunity I really have had to write this update.

On all previously active projects, there was no work done over the weekend. Again, with being sick, there wasn’t quite as much time as I would have liked going into development.


I did, however, start a new project. This one is not a test, playground, sandbox, or showcase, though. This will be my first “real”, monetized, full-featured game I will release as Nekoyoubi.

I will attempt to keep the updates going out as to its progress as well, but some things with it may need to remain undisclosed until they are more fleshed out or, in some cases, until release.

The reason for halting other projects in favor of this one is simple. I read a great quote on Twitter last week: “Indies make money to make games; non-indies make games to make money.” I realized on Friday that in order for me to be able to really make games… I mean really make games, I need money. Not for me, not for putting food on my table, not even so I can buy a new Woot! shirt. But so I can make more games better, faster, and for more platforms. If I can write games full-time some day, that would be amazingly awesome, but the tools are what’s needed at the moment.

So what is Fizzle? I won’t spill all the beans just yet, but I can tell you a little bit about who Fizzle is.

Fizzle is probably who would come to mind if you were to try and picture an emo Harry Potter in his early years. The main difference being that Potter was an amazingly quick study. Fizzle, on the other hand, can’t seem to get anything right. As such, he’s been thrown out of his wizardry school for youngsters, but unlike good-old Harry, Fizzle has no “simple” or “normal” world to go back to. This is his world.

With no help from anyone, Fizzle will have to “learn” his way back into school by showing that he can make it as a young wizard in a tough and sometimes tricky world. Spells, while not Fizzle’s strongest study, are now the name of the game for him. Learning how and when to use what he can remember will guide his progress and shape his future… hopefully for the better!

As of right now, Fizzle is only being worked on for PC (and possibly Mac – assuming Unity cooperates). I was originally working with Flash-style drawn vector graphics, but have since moved to a full 3D experience, as this feels most comfortable.

Anyway, it should be a fun trip (making it, that is) and I will try to keep everyone updated along the way.

That’s it for this weekend… (ish?) update. 😉