I heard a while back that it was DannyB‘s birthday at the same time as I was intending on playing around with a new FSM in Unity3D (PlayMaker). It seemed like a fun opportunity. I would create a digital “happy birthday” card. No real direction. No design. No constraint. No problem!

Referencing an old joke from an old friend (“I WROTED YOU A CODES”), I sent out a tweet letting DannyB know that I “wroted” him a “cakes”.

It went over great! I had a lot of fun learning my new toy. Which is pure awesome, by the way. Baranowsky seemed happy enough with it. I even made a cool new friend out of the event (Cain German). Hell, I even got to sing “happy birthday” like a complete idiot.

Check out DannyB’s Cake! (

I decided after that that I would make it a habit to occasionally do something like this for peoples’ birthdays or other random events because… well… it was fun! I felt good knowing that even though it was completely inconsequential, DannyB could say that one of his fans wrote him a delicious German-chocolate cake for his birthday – and it wasn’t a lie!


Along now a couple of months since that cake and it’s a very important birthday indeed. It’s Notch‘s birthday! Reflecting a moment on what Notch has done with his Minecraft success, and how it effects me and the goals that I pursue, it was obvious that I needed to do something for his birthday as well. So I did.

With the help of my buddy (and fellow gamer), Blake, we busted ass all weekend and ended up with what we think is a pretty cool little birthday card.

Notch, while not inventing the genre, is practically responsible for coining the “sandbox” game with Minecraft. Iconic, I know. I thought a worthy classic theme for blocks might be found in the good ol’ gamers’ mainstay, Super Mario Bros.

So I pulled together some Minecraft textures, recorded a few sounds from vent and the like, and began replicating (block for lovely block) World 1-1. Blake recorded each track of the theme fully (no sampling). Cain even dropped a helping hand in and tried to help me clean up my monologue to Notch.

Sure, it has some things missing and whatnot, but I’m still impressed with what we’ve come up with. Maybe you’ll like it to; maybe not.

I wish I could say that Notch has even seen it, but at this point, I don’t think he has and I don’t know if he ever will. Kind of a depressing thought when you really get down to it.

Check out Notch’s Cake! (

Either way, check it out and see for yourself if we wasted our time, or if we put together a pretty cool birthday card for a pretty cool guy.


Almost immediately after my cake to Notch was squandered, I learn of a Junkboy birthday that is occurring. I told him that I would have wroted him a cakes too, but that I assumed once again, it would be ignored. He actually responded that “[he] always notices when people wroteter [him] cake.”

So as soon as I got home I started scrambling for ideas. Man, you guys should have heard some of the stuff K came up with… let’s just say, it was right up Junkboy’s alley with lots of explosions, and very little pants.

Then I get this Escapist article drop into my lap about Sweden’s McDonald’s cashing in on the general gaming theme of Sweden (thanks, Mojang!) by creating a large game of pong for passersby to make fools of themselves with.

Hoping that Junkboy in all his comedic pantslessness would have at least given this a smirk, I thought it was a perfect jumping off point.

Anyway, more of the joke becomes apparent if you watch the video in the article. Junkboy even wins a prize if he beats himself for 30 seconds. Awesome, how fun that is to say, yeah?

Josh Whelchel threw me the audio for the cake. It’s awesome, yeah? He’s a very talented guy. He’s actually currently working on the music for the next Mojang game, Scrolls.

Check out Junkboy’s Cake! (