I always hate “About” pages. Alas, they seem to be somewhat of a necessary evil.

Nekoyoubi is an indie game development entity. As of right now, and for the foreseeable future, Nekoyoubi is just one individual: Lance May – that’s me!

Basically, because of limited (monetary) resources, I do it all; design, code, model, texture, and even audio to a horribly limited extent.


Nekoyoubi (pronounced “neh-koh-yōh-bee”) is how one would pronounce 猫曜日 if it were a real word in Japanese. Unfortunately it is not. It is more a translation of the term “CATURDAY” into Japanese. I am not fluent, but I have been learning 日本語 (Japanese language) for roughly a year in what little bit of “spare time” I have. The name “Nekoyoubi” comes from a moment in that learning when I was pitted with the challenge (and delight, mind you) of explaining, with my limited Japanese, the concept of LOLCATS to a 日本人 (Japanese person) who speaks no 英語 (English). What a pickle! 😉


I have filed my Articles of Incorporation here in Kentucky under the name “Nekoyoubi, Ltd. Co.”.

I intentionally chose not to include the “- Games” that may be present in some text or graphic on the site or in my games because that’s not all I do, and I may be interested in using the name for my other works as well.


My name is Lance May, and I’m a software and web developer by day, entertainment developer by night.

My more serious side can be read about on my never-updated-because-I-hate-being-serious-anymore personal site, lancemay.com.

Other that that pesky work-related stuff, who am I?

  • I write code in many languages.
  • I do graphic work.
  • I toy with (reads: suck at) sound.
  • I continuously improve my skills in (reads: suck at) 3D modeling.
  • I am (very) happily married (no joke; I scored me a gamer-chick) with two kiddos, a dog, two cats and a fish.

I doubt anyone wanted the last bit of detail there, but now you have it just in case the zomb apocalypse is tomorrow.


I write games because they are fun. What I do with 90% of my time currently doesn’t really stand out. No one really cares about shaving the bottom dollar because a file gets generated faster. By contrast, people care about games. Interactive creativity is one of the most awesome forms of self expression, IMO.

I have multiple projects going at any given time. Some of my projects are not documented here, and may never be, but I’m trying to get into the habit of sharing what I’m working on.

Not everything that I create is a “game”, really. Some works are just for fun. I’ve got a couple of HBD cakes (as I call them); just fun ways to say “happy birthday”. I am also posting my play projects; things that I may be writing to sandbox an idea or software, etc. so please try not to judge too harshly. 😉