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For those of you that remember Passhackwords from its initial inception, you’ll be happy to know that I have re-purposed the property (finally) into a much better and more full-featured game design. I’ve been working on this redesign for about the past month now, and while there is still a lot of work ahead of me, I thought it was time to let everyone know what’s been going on.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Passhackwords property, here is a little background. About five years ago or so, me and K (my wife) used to play a web strategy game (that I will not give mention to, as they don’t even deserve the recognition). After a rather large falling out with the administration over false accusations of cheating and the like, we left and set out to replace the game with another. There really weren’t any others that we could get into quick enough, and work overcame me again (as it always seems to do). I decided that instead of sinking my time into yet another game, I would just write my own. At least that way, I could justify the time spent.

It was to be a game of over-stylized “hacker-esque” activities. Simple, almost ready-for-television, concepts of what living a hacker’s life in the box would be like. Unfortunately, I was still too wrapped up in other works, and didn’t give it my all. This resulted in an under-designed, over-simplified, generally weak start to a game.
So I shelved it, as I do any ideas that I can catch before they burn, and waited for the right moment to stake out a new claim on the property.

Well, here we are. I’ve gone and done it… Like a digital phoenix rising up from the fading electron pulses with a glowing cyan fury, I have breathed life back into Passhackwords – rescued it from the void of projects lost! BEHOLD!… Wait. What what I saying?

Here are some of the design concepts:

  • Platform: Currently PC, with an Android mini-game to release a bit after the main game.
  • Genre: RPG/Puzzle
  • Social: Currently giving the highest priority to single-player, but multi-player concepts are popping up like crazy (obviously). At this point, it’s too early to say for sure.
  • Activities: Hack or phish up (every RPG has to have fishing!) addresses to gain temporary access to resource streams, and secret information.
  • Style: No serious hacking realism; just an overtly techy command center interface. Oh, and the music… what hacker doesn’t love their music!? I’m working with indie composers of many different styles to hopefully put together an exclusive musical collection that will be an awesome experience for everyone.
  • Customization: Planning on including the option to create community developed themes. Currently, this means texture packs, but will hopefully evolve into much more.

As for progress made thus far, I am very excited about the level of design progress made, but development is still fresh. As of last night I did create the first glimpse of the address rewiring puzzle, and me and K had ~2 hours each into playing with the node connectivity alone – way fun.

I hope to have the design complete for phishing this week, but that really depends on how much more I work on the rewiring before moving on. Either way, I will do my best to let you all know as things progress. Hopefully, I can get a screenshot or two of the rewiring here in a few days.

Reed’s Mine

As much as I would love to roll out the performance updates and a new feature or two, I can’t. ;( As of right now, after the Unity3D 3.4 release, Reed (his sprite) no longer renders correctly on my device. I’ve attempted to get help from the community on it, with no luck so far. I will set aside a bit more time to get this later this week, but as for right now, Reed’s Mine is on indefinite hold.

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