Weekend update…

Wow, what a weekend for development. I released my first game as Nekoyoubi and my first Android app to boot!

Reed’s Mine

I finished up the initial release of Reed’s Mine and deployed it to the Android Market. It was listed for approximately eight hours before I realized a bug with ladders and caves that could confuse and frustrate people and pulled it.

I’ve since re-released it (v0.2) after fixing the bug and making a few enhancements. It is currently built for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above, but I will be attempting to let it ride for Android 2.1 (Eclair) this weekend.

Even though I am not using any Froyo specific features, I chose to limit to that version in an attempt to only offer the app to newer (faster) phones in case the Unity Android build was rough. I think things will be fine after some texture optimization this upcoming weekend though.

Apologies for the Unity icon for the app icon on the phone. This is a noted bug that is being resolved by Unity. I think I know a work-around, but I’ve been focusing on the actual game itself more than its publishing thus far.

This upcoming weekend should have some cool changes implemented in Reed’s Mine. For one, I plan to add random dwarves in the mine levels’ generation. They will let you trade some of your resources mined for various items to assist in mining (no spoilers, sorry). Also, I will try to work achievements into the next release, but that may have to come in the next version.

I will attempt to create a build of Reed’s Mine for those of you without Androids as well (probably a web build), but I’m not giving it priority over the features of the real game. Don’t be mad, I just have to make sure I give the people what I sell them. 😉

Click here to check out Reed’s Mine on the Android Market.

Obviously, if you get Reed’s Mine please leave a rating and/or comment, as this is what I hope will get the word out there about it. Also, if you enjoy it, please tell your friends. Thanks much in advance!

Oh, and since I released it, I found that there is actually a real Reed’s Mine! How cool is that?! I promise you that this game has nothing to do with that mine and is, in fact, named after one of our members for his extensive Minecraft mining expeditions.

Check out what another of our members (Blake) made right after the release (and how cool is that?!)…

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