Weekend update…

This weekend was pretty lame, really. Aside from surviving yet another end of the world, I played a little Worms Reloaded and Terraria, and got started on my “inspired by” Terraria texture pack for Minecraft. I also worked a bit on my new site design, but I didn’t really get anywhere with it, so it’s not worth mentioning.


This was officially my last weekend of slacking for a bit. I promise. I didn’t even really do anything cool.


I played a bit more Terraria, but nothing eventful. I did farm up a lava lake worth 1100+ obsidian if anyone wants any. 😉 I have screenshots too that I was hoping to post (of the farming process), but I forgot to push them up to the site.

Worms Reloaded

Fun, yes, but zomfg… have you ever seen a game with a more complicated control system for gamers?! Me and K played this for about an hour until she just finally got tired of the controls being a tougher opponent than I was. I played solo for about another hour, but after completely remapping the input to suit a WASD-gamer, it was still a pretty sad layout.

Minecraft texture pack for Terraria

I started working on this as I said on Friday that I would, and while I wish I had some awesome shots to show, it’s just not the case.

I did see (after I committed and started the project) that someone had started on one a few days prior. I would have simply left it to them at that point, but the start that I already have is worth continuing, IMO.

Since the guy/gal that started the other pack chose the name “Terrariacraft”, I’ve decided to call this one “Skeletron” since his/hers was started prior to mine, and that is only fair. 😉

To be honest, going through this and trying to show off the Terraria in cubes really does show you how different the two games really are.

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