Okay, I’ll do it!

I’ve gotten so many hits from Google lately from searches like “minecraft terraria texture pack” since I wrote my Terraria review and Nekoyoubi Texture Pack update and my front page aggregated them together.

Amazingly enough though, while there’s a request out there on the Minecraft forum (I’m at work, so I didn’t read the post), I’m not seeing Google point to anyone’s pack.

Fine. Whatever. I’ll do it. 😉

When I get home tonight, I will start working on a Terraria texture pack for Minecraft. I should be able to post “something” tonight, but it may not be complete (reads: “I may not be done adding stuff to it”) for some time, but I can get us a start going.

While I <3 my own texture pack, I do think it would be kind of cool to pull Terraria into Minecraft. Sorry all you “Terraria-is-just-a-Minecraft-ripoff”-kids, I know it must be rough for you to know that people actually like both games. /shockedpanda

Also, sorry if you want HD, but I don’t play that. It’ll be a 16² texture pack, as I don’t like broken water/lava.

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