Weekend update…

Seeing as how this Easter weekend, that got a lot of attention – Zombs, however, did not.

Easter 2011

I put a bit of work in on a mini-game for my kiddos that lets you toss Easter eggs onto baskets for points. It’s really hard to miss the baskets, but then again, it was for my 7-year-olds. 😉

You can see the details here, but the general gist is that you get an egg spawn directly in front of you. It gets tossed slightly vertical – like a baseball that you’re about to crank into the outfield – and when it “feels right” simply [LMB] and watch it fly. Hit [Space] if you DO mess up and miss (or if you just really want to zip through the rando and see the different eggs). Get the eggs in the basket to increase the score.

Again, nothing special from a “game” perspective, but it was fun making all the different eggs and my kids seemed to love it!


Zombs was under-loved this weekend, only getting a slight bit of modeling work done for “actual” zombies (not the iPhone joke ones). I’ve been really inspired by Patrick Spens‘s zombies, and while I have next-to-no modeling talent, I’m still giving it a go. If you look at his zombie style (Acquired Taste / If I Only Had a Brain), there should be no question that those cute little undead menaces need some 3D love and a game to help further glorify them. 😉

I did however, finally decide that the aiming/movement system that we were going for just simply will not work – at least not for what I want. I’m thinking we’re going to need to go back to the way it was; standard mouse-look for Y-axis rotation as it is now when moving, but with the added ability to aim up and down as well like standard FPS control. The “shooter”-style was great for a moment, but the more I get into it and go that direction, the more obstacles I hit and the more the style just generally displeases me.

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